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Who am I?

My name is Michael Gardner and I am an independent candidate working hard towards representing you in the next Victorian Parliament.

But I’m not truly independent because I depend on you!

Working 30 years in design, engineering and retail have given me the experience to solve complex problems and satisfy my customers.

I want to find out about your needs and our local resources to promote your prosperity, wellbeing, and security. The role of representation should be one of service rather than status.

We can agree that Clarinda can be better

My vision for Clarinda is to embrace the opportunities for local employment, wellbeing, and prosperity!

For example, we are perfectly located to resolve the challenges of the “throw-away society”. Instead of handing over more valuable land to be filled with a smelly mixture of useful and toxic waste, I want to create long-term local jobs in recycling and improved waste management for a much cleaner and more prosperous environment. The large areas of Clarinda, which have been ruined by poor waste policy, can be re-configured to provide ample solar electricity generation directly into the South Eastern power grid.

Why is an independent the best choice for Clarinda?

Governments of the past have brought us great benefits, however the disruption caused by abrupt policy changes and enormous projects, which lack enough community consultation, has been very hard to bear. These projects are driven inefficiently to be completed in time for the next election. Clarinda is the safest seat in Melbourne’s east 66%ALP). A quarter of Victoria’s electorates are held by slim margins (less than 5%).

Marginal electorates receive substantially greater resources than Clarinda since we can be neglected by one major party and disregarded by the other major party. An independent voice for Clarinda is the best opportunity we have to be heard and receive the respect we deserve.

Why I need you to vote for me

For as long as I can remember, two party system has employed the immature strategy of expressing one party’s superiority by putting down the other which, like a tug of war, exhausts everyone and produces very little.  “When I am elected…”is a tired cliché. The most disappointing thing about politicians is their broken promises.

What have I actually been doing?

I am already busy with recycling pilot schemes.  So far I have composted over 2000kg of local fruit shop waste into our primary school’s vegetable patch. Preparing for the future starts with our children. That is why I am working with schools in the areas of recycling, composting and public speaking。 At Huntingdale Primary School we have replaced our school’s 60l rubbish bins with 20l containers collected from our local food businesses for free. Now each classroom’s waste is half the weight and one tenth of the volume that it used to be. This saves us $400 each month.

The thing I care most about is my family – Saving time.I’m looking for local jobs for our unemployed and speaking with major T.A.F.E.’s about career opportunities and training in the emerging circular economy, international business and the global online marketplace.

I’m asking bus companies about how to connect students with better public transportation. Currently, I’m designing a Styrofoam recovery system for shops and offices. I have identified four dangerous street crossing issues and brought them to the attention of VicRoads and local government. Our migrant community has brought the world to us. Our local expertise in foreign languages and culture can open up bilateral trade with every country in Asia. Markets from Vietnam to India for our recyclables are accessible and lucrative. Plastic bags were outlawed in Bangladesh in 2002. I am importing their solutions in natural fibres such as Jute, Cotton and Linen. On average, Victorians travel 17 km to get to work.  I’m visiting every employer to find out their labour needs, how they can work with each other and what is holding them back from growing and hiring more staff. This understanding will lead to more business-to-business activity, economic growth and more long-term local jobs. Neighbourhood houses have brought social cohesion and local learning to our communities since their introduction by the Whitlam government of the 1970s I’m preparing a range of job readiness programs to be run free of charge through these cultural cornerstones.

Your needs are my concerns

Do you wish you had an extra hour for yourself each day?

Tens of thousands of parents spend hours each week in the school drop off and pick up routine. Neighbors are swamped and parking is a nightmare. I have commissioned professional economic modeling to estimate the cost. Solutions such as walking school buses, after-school programs, and parent co-operatives deserve more funding. I am also developing a smartphone app to streamline pick-ups.

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